13 October, 2009

First month of school

It's been a month and a half of kindergarten and Bridger loves it. Yesterday he was too sick to go, but he still got all dressed, in coat and hat and backpack and cried while the bus went past our house. I'm glad he likes school, though I'm constantly second-guessing what the right thing is to do for him (and all my kids for that matter).

I had always thought I would try homeschooling, but Bridger and I tend to clash a little and he is so extremely social that I don't want him to wither. But this very social behavior can be troubling for me as I see our family influence getting smaller. Not only is he gone for 8 hours a day, but when he returns, he's got 1-5 friends coming over to our house to play with. At dinnertime, both the boys get upset if no one is coming over for dinner ("ow, just us tonight"). Mom is totally chopped liver, no matter what I'm serving.

Then there's academics. I can't help but think he could be learning more. That is the one place he's complained ("mom, I already know everything). I've instituted a little home-homework, since he was dying for it anyway and I'm volunteering in the class to get a better feel for what's happening.

There's been some new vocabulary and drawings learned (some quite anatomically correct), though that has prompted some really good conversations.

All in all, I know that kindergarten was a good choice for Bridger this year. Doesn't mean public school will always be our choice, but this is where we are now and we are going to embrace the moment.


New Life said...

we're beginning to struggle with figuring out education too

The Moser Family said...

always a year to year struggle. you would second guess yourself if you were homeschooling. there never is a perfect answer. God will care for your kids as you strive for obedience in parenting, whatever that looks like!