20 August, 2009

Easy rider

There is nothing more quintessentially "kid" than riding bikes--freedom at such a young age to go fast and far, coasting with the wind in your hair.

We had high hopes of Bridger jumping on his (big) two-wheeler this summer without training wheels and whizzing down the bike path with us. That dream was quickly replaced with kicking and screaming if we even suggested riding without the training wheels--in fact he took to riding Asher's tricycle it was so bad. In all fairness, we did buy a high bike (thinking it would be a good value because he could have it for awhile). His feet couldn't touch the ground from the seat and if he jumped off the seat...well, you know how boys bikes are configured.On the recommendation of some friends, we decided to try a balance bike--European inventions where there are no pedals and kids run with the bike, learn the balance of riding and never need training wheels. Since the bike was such a sore spot with Bridger (and because I didn't want to repeat my training wheels debacle with Asher) we decided to get him the balance bike (via grandma and grandpa) for his third birthday in June. All of the sudden, this bicycle stuff was fun again and after about a week of Bridger playing on Asher's bike (and a few fights about sharing), he jumped on a slightly smaller-framed two-wheeler from the neighbor and hasn't looked back. Asher can already coast with his feet up for half a block so I have no doubt he'll be on a two-wheeler next year.

Soon, I'll be seeing a lot of that back shot of the boys pedaling away into the world. Although the thought sticks in my throat, I think I'll enjoy their freedom and a bit of my own!

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Dana said...

Guess what--I took your advice and took the pedals off of Anna's bike. It took 2 days of balancing and she is now officially riding her "big girl bike" with the pedals back on! Noah is also working on his bike without pedals/training wheels and is close as well. Thanks for the tip--it was awesome! Love and hugs to you!