29 June, 2009

Asher hits the big 0-3

That's right, my blond little guy turned three, and boy was he excited for his birthday. He started to really notice birthdays on Bridger's last, which was in November. Then he had to wait through Daddy's, Mommy's and Eilidh's before it was finally his turn.
Asher is in many ways still the baby of the family, or at least he would like to think he is. In classic middle child fashion, he plays big when he wants to and throws in the little card when it suits his agenda. I know that I've coddled him more than Bridger, and he also enjoys the coddling so it is a hard habit to break. The other day he walked all the way over from the neighbor's raspberry patch with his pants around his ankles because he had peed in the bushes and then claimed he didn't know how to pull his underwear back up. He nearly caused an accident by the hysterics that were induced from the drivers-by. He knows how to pull up his pants, he just wants someone else to do it. Of course, there are things he truly can't do by himself (like lace up his hiking boots) that he will vehemently fight to do independently--I guess he's a typical preschooler.He's the joker of the family and has Eilidh in stitches in no time flat. He's also the biggest cuddler of them all--you can always count on Asher for a great snuggle.

We celebrated with a dinosaur cake and many friends at a nearby park with a screamin' splash deck. I love summer birthdays.

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Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Happy birthday, Asher!